Saturday, November 3, 2012

Too Many Beers, Not Enough Time (or Money)

I was just having this conversation with a guy working at a local store: too many beers, not enough time to try them all.  Even more, not enough money to try them all.  Yes, the age-old conundrum that appears in many parts of life.  Somehow, we never seem to be rich, have lots of free time, or live forever.
The beer selection at a good store can be overwhelming.  What's one to do?  Say you've got a bunch of IPAs or stouts or pumpkin ales at home--do you really need to buy more?  You're suffering from a lack of imports in your stock—do you go Belgium, England, Germany and make your home supply more UN?  Do you get more of what you like, more of what you've yet to try, more of the highly rated, more of that one brewery you really like?  Those seasonals won't be around long—better stock up on those!  And there's that limited edition, 22 oz bottle that's priced more than everything else you have combined—do you get that, justify it with the notion that it won't be here the next time you come?  You're looking at a wall of 200+ beers and you're getting maybe 12, which means you've got to make choices
So, here's what I do, always subject to change: tune out the questions, go for a mixed sixer or two, mix up the styles, grab at least one seasonal and one local/regional, and go 60/40 new/previously had.  If you just want all new in your mixed sixers, grab a four or six pack of something you've previously had and liked.  Make it to the counter, purchase, and don't look back.  Inevitably on the drive home you'll be thinking about one you didn't get.  But don't worry--there's always next time.

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