Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Dogfish Head Cypher

Dogfish Head Cypher
6.0% ABV
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Milton, DE
On tap at the Dogfish Head Brewpub, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Served in a snifter glass (approx. 8 oz serving)
Reviewed on 12/27/12 at the brewpub

This beer, a brewpub exclusive billed as a dark saison, is dark and bubbly with a decent off-white head.  Good lacing evident.

Smell is malty, with slight hops, caramel, floral notes, and spiciness coming through. 

Taste has malt, caramel, spiciness, some pepperiness, some smokiness, some woodfire taste.

Mouthfeel is earthy with some good texture.  Some good chewiness to it.

Overall, this is an interesting twist on a saison.  Malty and rich with caramel, but still retaining good earthy floralness like a true saison.  Smoky and spicy.

My score: 91

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