Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Sam Adams - Thirteenth Hour

Sam Adams Thirteenth Hour

A Dark Belgian-style Stout with notes of Spice, Coffee, Chocolate & Oak
My guess would be a 16E style - Belgian Specialty Ale

1pt 9.4 Fl Oz bottle - Available only at Sam Adams Boston Brewery
9% Alcohol by Volume
Part of the Barrel Room Collection

This is one of three beers available exclusively at the Sam Adams Boston Brewery location.

Waited a few minutes after pour to let this beer come to temperature before sampling.

Aroma:     9 out of 12

Malty sweetness is apparent immediately, a coffee/chocolate scent with a small fragrance of raisins, oak and vanilla. No hop aroma is apparent

Appearance:     3 out of 3

Very Dark, had to get my light out to see to the other side. Black with ruby highlights. Good head retention. Head is a nice light tan color.

Flavor:     15 out of 20

Sweet. Hints of chocolate and coffee. Raisin flavor is apparent. Reminds me of a good port wine. I'm getting a touch of nutmeg in the finish that seems to play nicely with the other flavors. The oak aging is very present in the flavor, but is not overpowering

Mouthfeel:     4 out of 5

Thick, like thin cough syrup, but in that good kind of way. Medium carbonation. There is a slight warmth, but this does not feel like you're drinking a 9%. This is one of those that will sneak up on you and club you in the head and steal your wallet. Has a wonderful creaminess.

Overall:     6 out of 10

I would definitely buy this again. I would not call this a session beer, but I could finish two of these in one sitting. This would make an excellent ice cream float. To hell with the guinness ice cream float, this one would bury it. 

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