Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Review: Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Samuel Adams Boston Lager
4.9% ABV
The Boston Beer Co., Boston, MA
12 oz bottle
Served in Dogfish Head Signature Glass
Date notched on bottle: Best by November 2013
Reviewed on 1/18/13

This lager pours an almost clear (for beer) golden amber color with a decent white head.  Nice lacing.  Moderate carbonation.

Smell consists of hops, wheat, slight yeast, malt, sugar, slight citrus, biscuity.

Taste consists of hops wheat, malt, yeast, sugar, citrus, bread, biscuit, touch of spice.

Smooth on the palate, dry, well balanced.  Easy on the palate overall but still with great taste.

Overall, Sam Adams Boston Lager is still one of the classic craft beers, even if it's pretty much everywhere by this point and has been passed by many others in terms of taste.  Don't be fooled though by the omnipresence of this beer and the fact that that label has been burned into your brain--this is still a tasty beer.  Classic, balanced lager taste that has quite solid flavor and really just looks nice in a glass.  Hops, wheat, and malt flavors are in abundance and done quite well.  Always one to go back to now and again.

My score: 90

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