Monday, February 25, 2013

Review : Crispin Prepare to Die

Crispin Prepare to Die    
6.5% ABV
Cider finished in Red Wine Barrels
Crispin Cider Company

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Draft from Max's Tap House in Fells Point.

9 out of 12
Crisp apple aroma, with a hit of vanilla and oak, as to be expected from wine barrels. Aroma leads you to believe a very crisp refreshing session brew.

3 out of 3
Very clear, no head, as to be expected from a nice cider. Pink in color, my guess is from the red wine barrels. Color was a nice surprise, first thought was bartender was trying to be cute and added food coloring like they would on St Patrick's Day. Totally forgetting about the red wine barrels.

16 out of 20
Crisp, refreshing, would love some of this on a nice summers day. Subtle taste of oak and cherries. Plays very well with the tartness of the apples. Citrus flavor at the end, but does not deter from the taste.

4 out of 5
Medium/high carbonation. Slight acidity from the apples, but not overwhelming. Slight alcohol warmth, but what did I expect from a 6.5%

8 out of 10
This is a lay back in the hammock and drink all afternoon one. Very enjoyable and the pink was a nice touch. I would buy this again.

TOTAL : 40

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