Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: Green Flash Friendship Brew

Green Flash Friendship Brew
5.7% ABV
Green Flash Brewing Co., San Diego, CA
12 oz bottle
Served in Boulevard Tulip Glass
Date notched on bottle: Brewed on 8/7/12
Reviewed on 11/17/12

This saison pours a dark cola-like brown with a a thick bubbly beige head that keeps good form.  Mild carbonation.  Great lacing.

Smell consists of malt, hops, nutmegs, pepper, slight banana, slight yeast.

Taste consists of malt, dry spiciness, hops, banana, pepper, yeast, slight floral.

Mouthfeel is earthy, dry with a decent mix of flavors.  Some bitterness comes through.  A bit rough on the palate.

Overall, this is an interesting, unusual saison with a varied profile of tastes.  Pepperiness becomes a bit overwhelming as the temperature rises.  It has some good taste notes, but it's somewhat hard to drink. 

My score: 84

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