Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: Union Duckpin Pale Ale

Union Duckpin Pale Ale
5.5% ABV
Union Craft Brewing, Baltimore, MD
12 oz can
Served in Duvel tulip glass
No date on can
Reviewed on 6/30/13 

This pale ale pours an amber-tinged golden color with a decent bubbly white head.  Good lacing.  Nice evident carbonation.

Smell consists of hops, citrus, grapefruit, malt, floral and herbal notes, some spice. 

Taste consists of hops that are decently dry and bitter, citrus, grapefruit, resin, floral/herbal, mild spice, some malt, some lingering pepperiness.

Mouthfeel is quite dry and bitter on the palate, packing an almost West Coast IPA feel.  Fairly smooth and consistent going down.

Overall, this is a quite good pale ale, made right around the corner from where I grew up.  This one comes close to mimicking an IPA, as it's decently hoppy with a strong citrus/grapefruit flavor, and its dryness and bitterness are reminiscent of a West Coast IPA.  Still, it's fairly smooth and easy to drink.  As it warms up, more maltiness comes through and balances it out.

My score: 92

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