Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: Stillwater Artisanal Existent

Stillwater Artisanal Existent
7.4% ABV
Stillwater Artisanal, Stratford, CT
12 oz btl
Served in Duvel tulip glass
Date on bottle: Bottled 4/4/13
Reviewed on 6/23/13 

This farmhouse ale pours a moderate brown color with a decent bubbly light beige head that has decent retention.

Smell consists of hops, wheat, caramel, malt, slight spice, slight licorice, some bread, slight honey. 

Taste consists of malt, wheat, caramel, hops, bread, some honey, mild dark fruit, touch of spice, earthy.

Mouthfeel has some bitterness and a touch of dryness on the palate.  A bit thin through the middle.  Farmy earthiness does come through.

Overall, this farmhouse ale comes across much better in the smell than the taste, which comes across a bit thin though there are a variety of flavors present.  It has an overall farmy earthiness going for it, and there are malt, wheat, caramel, and honey tastes coming through.  It's fairly interesting with some good flavor components happening, though it feels as if it could be more substantial.

My score: 86

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  1. Can you believe that I forgot to take a picture when reviewing this beer? It's a shame, because it's a neat looking bottle. Taking pictures in general has always been a struggle for me. It's just not something that comes natural.